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ASICS Finish Advantage Tight Has Doubled Muscle Support to Power Runners to the Finish

Kobe – December 2016 : Scientists from ASICS Institute of Sport Science have pioneered a new innovation in running – ASICS Finish Advantage Tight. The new high performance tight has more than doubled muscle support to help runners maintain posture and speed to the finish. ASICS Finish Advantage Tight will be available for both men and women from December 1st.

Featuring advanced technologies, ASICS Finish Advantage Tight has been precisely engineered to give extra support to reduce tiredness and fatigue in the key muscles needed to maintain an efficient posture:

Key Technology Areas :

  • CORE BELT: Sets the pelvis at the right position to maintain running form
  • KNEE STABILITY: Supports medial and lateral legs to straighten and reduce impact on the knee
  • QUAD MUSCLE SUPPORT: Increases knee extension and maintains knee angle
  • CALF MUSCLE SUPPORT: Prevents fatigue and pain in the calf

Backed By Science, Engineered By Precision

Research into the effects on the body as it tires over distance and time found that maintaining posture for longer was key to improving runner performance. Using biometric testing, scientists identified the key muscles that adversely affect runner performance were in the quad, pelvis, calf and knee. To provide extra support to multiple areas across the entire leg, ASICS used a specially adapted formula of Viscomagic. This versatile material was fine-tuned to divide power areas and stretch without seems or bonding to provide heavy-duty reinforcement without compromising flexibility or comfort.

The result of science and engineering, ASICS Finish Advantage Tight provides unparalleled performance benefits compared to regular running tights. With twice as much support, runners are able to maintain efficient posture and speed over a longer period for a powerful finish.

“ASICS have been leaders in the development of performance running footwear for nearly 60 years and know that for runners, every detail matters. ASICS Finish Advantage Tight demonstrates how this knowledge can be applied to develop performance enhancing apparel that can make a real difference. This one of many new products and services that will feature the advanced technology from ASICS Institute of Sport Science to provide further benefits to our customers.”, said Yoshikuni Takamoto, Futures Team, Product Development Department, Global Apparel and Equipment Division, ASICS Corporation.

ASICS Finish Advantage Tight will be available for men and women in key markets globally from December 1st at a retail price of €120.

For more information on ASICS Finish Advantage Tight visit: https://www.asicsindia.in/products?gender=women#clothing.

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Product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqbRsNb2qFk